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IR Soc: Is there a future for the EU?

"Is there a future for the EU?" Please join Warwick’s IR Society for a special event, ‘Is there a future for the EU.’…

IR Soc Elections! FREE PIZZA!

Please come along and vote for the next exec! If you would like to run for a position please email in to: s.nazaretyan@warwick.ac.uk…

Turkey: What Lies Ahead?

Turkey and the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) Region As disunity and instability continue to characterize the politics of the Muslim world,…

Money and Its Discontents

Historical lessons from a time where social relations were embedded in the economy: When they were combined, money was not the be all…

International Relations Cross Party Debate on Foreign Policy 2016

International Relations Society is hosting a cross party debate on foreign policy between the four political parties on campus, similar to last year.…

Mordechai Vanunu – Israel, Iran and Nuclear Bombs

Our Treasurer, Tom, will be doing a presentation on nuclear weapons in the Middle East through the eyes of the Israeli whistleblower Mordechai…